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Friday, March 28, 2008

Filipina running for congressional seat in South Korea--DFA

JUDITH A. HERNANDEZ, from Cavite is running for a congressional seat in Korea (Seongnam Area) this April 9, 2008. Let's support her in any way we can. Talk to your Sajangnims, co-workers, friends, acquintances and others to win the election.
MANILA, Philippines -- A Filipina who has acquired Korean citizenship has been making waves in South Korea for being the first foreign-born citizen to run for a seat in the country’s National Assembly, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Friday.
In his report to the home office, Philippine Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Luis T. Cruz said Judith A. Hernandez, a former resident of Cavite, is the first candidate of non-Korean lineage to run for the Philippine equivalent of a congressional seat.
Hernandez, who became a citizen when she married her late Korean husband 15 years ago, is running under the “Republic of Korea Party,” a new party organized by former presidential candidate Kook-hyun Moon, for the general elections on April 9.
Campaigning on a platform of improving the welfare of migrant workers, foreign spouses, and their children, Hernandez began her political career as an involved citizen in her local community in Seongnam, a city less than an hour from Seoul, shortly after she lived there.Hernandez met with the Philippine ambassador on March 26. She told Cruz she thinks Korean society is opening up and her entry into politics signals possible changes in the perception and a more accepting view of foreigners.“The [candidacy] of Hernandez has so far enjoyed warm response. Her ranking in the party recently climbed from 8th to 7th out of more than 20 hopefuls,” the DFA said in a statement. (By Veronica Uy INQUIRER.netFirst Posted 17:49:00 03/28/2008)

Read more here.

United CBO all over Korea!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

From OWWA Officer Pat Cobarrubias

We wish to inform you that POLO/OWWA is continuously accepting renewal of OWWA membership for Overseas Filipino Workers regardless of their visa status (E-9, professionals, household workers, entertainers and illegal workers). For a $25 membership contribution (in the case of Korea, renewal is every year), an OWWA member-OFW is entitled to different programs and services of the agency over and above the provisions of the employment contract, offer of employers or the laws of receiving country. Please find the attached brochure for your reference.

It will be appreciated if you can disseminate the said information to your OFW members/constituents for their security and protection. The Philippine Embassy is open from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00AM-4:30PM and every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, 9:00AM-12:00PM.

Thank you and have a good day.

United CBO all over Korea!

CBO Meeting at Shalom House

Caling all CBO Officers, Advisers and Chapter Presidents to attend the Emergency Meeting on Sunday, 23, 2008 at 10:00 Am, Shalom Migrants Center. Your presence is very highly appreciated. Important matters to be discussed.
Note: Practice for the Igorot dance is still ongoing. Those who are interested to join should contact the CBO Officers or members and come on Sunday, 2PM, Shalom Migrants Center.

United CBO all over Korea!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yongsan Shalom House

Yongsan shalom House is a nongovernment organization (NGO) for migrant workers in Korea.

1. Labor Consultation
2. Consultation over your life in Korea
3. Medical Consultation
4. Educational and Cultural Programs
5. Program for your better life after returning to home country
6. Community supporting programs and cultural events


SUNDAY PROGRAM: 2:00 - 6:00 PM
1. Korean Language & Culture Class
2. Computer Class
3. Others

The Yongsan Shallom House for Migrant Workers is under the auspices of The Anglican Church in Korea.

Fr. J. Peter Choi, Priest-in-Cahrge

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CBO, Wake Up!

The written comments that we have received regarding the organization maybe only 3 but it should be a wake-up call to everyone especially to the CBO officers. Mr./Ms. Anonymous have said it right, "Is CBO still existing?"
We could answer positively. CBO is still alive and kickin' in spirit and in truth because our vision/mission is inherent in everyone's heart. Although the officers are somehow hibernating due to the winter season, we just hope and pray that they are contemplating the things that should be done so as not to miss the 13th CBO Anniversary this year.
This is a challenge, eh? Goodluck!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Arirang Invites CBO

The 4th Migrants Arirang invites CBO to participate on their annual festival to be held on May 11, 2008 at the Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea.

This festival will showcase the different cultures of the participating migrants from many countries.

Go go go Cordillerans! Show the world the BEST of our BESTS!!

Thank You from Lorenzo

It's time to rejoice for the Lord is risen! Happy Easter to one and all!!
Lorenzo may be in the Philippines now recuperating from his accident, his message of gratitude will reach those people who made it possible for him to cope up during his times of longing and suffering. In no particular order, for their spiritual, financial and whatever way they have shared:
BRAIN HOSPITAL, Dongdaemun, Seoul
FR. J. PETER CHOI, Shallom Migrants Center in Yongsan, Seoul
Fr. Salvador Marcaida, MSP and Chonmasan Filipino Catholic Community
Kasan Migrant Center c/o Pauline Bagangan
Ptr. Benny, Free Believers Church, Itaewon
Ptr. Ronnie, River of Life
Philippine Embassy
Mary, Cielo, ...
... and others we failed to mention

The CBO Joint Basketball Championship Games and Cultural Dance Competition 2008

Basketball Tournament MVP & MYTICAL FIVE's 2008

CBO Awards 2008

CBO Performs at the 110th Independence Day Celebration

True Blooded Cordillerans Almost Conquered the Kingdom

Our CBO candidate (Chris Longey) for the Search for King and Queen of Filipino Migrants in Korea which was held at the Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon, Seoul, October 14, 2007 almost made it to the top.

Visit (
http://www.visminorg.blogspot.com/) for more info about Chris and Charlie. They may not have had conquered the Kingdom of Seoul but had shown to the world that they have the talents, the looks and the charisma as Ambassadors of the Cordilleras in Korea!

Chris: 2nd Runner-Up and Darling of the Crowd

Charlie: 1st Runner-Up, Mr. Internet, Best in Talent and Casual Wear

Thanks to everybody who in their own special ways have inspired and supported the organization in bringing the best of our bests. Kudos!

Matagu-tagu taku am-in!!

Chris and Charlie w/ Kenjie

Chris and Charlie w/ Kenjie
The Pride of the Cordilleras (more pics this week, promise!)

The Darling of the Crowd

The Darling of the Crowd
CHRIS and Jenny with Ambassador Susan Castrense and Labor Attache Delmer Cruz

CBO Candidate for the Search for King and Queen of Filipino Migrants in Korea 2007

MVP, Mytical Five and Others

CBO Basketball Tournament 2007

CBO Attends Int'l. Migrants Day Celebration June 3, 2007

Igorots in Korea through Arirang Video


Igorota Song

Help us promote this Song. Super ganda ang lyrics and the melody, nahohomesick tuloy ako! Atlast the song is finally uploaded sa youtube. Most people from Kias know this song way back 1990's because this song was introduced by DAnny Tawanna who was the composer. Jun was so lucky that Danny gave him all his compositions to record. Danny is likewise lucky to have Jun record his songs. For everybody's info Danny suffered from a stroke and is now living in Nueva Viscaya. Just don't know if Jun pushed his plan of having Danny in his audience when he launched this album. (rainne68)