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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sulyapinoy Features CBO

Grab a copy now! Available in Hyewadong and Han River during the Independence Day celebration. Hurry... limited copies ...

We are very glad to inform you of more and bigger prizes for our raffle, including free roundtrip ticket and 2 night vacation for two in Boracay, Cebu and Manila! Please refer to the attached raffle prizes. For raffle tickets, please call WelOf Esperanza "Pat" Cobarrubias at 010 3184 9734. As agreed upon during our meeting last 24 May 2008, deadline for submission of payments for sold tickets and return of unsold tickets is on 06 June 2008 at 4:00pm at the Philippine Embassy.

Posters and fliers for the June 8 event will be available today, 31 May 2008 at 1:00pm. Kindly contact WelOf Pat to get your copies for posting in your respective areas. We will likewise appreciate it if you can disseminate/forward the attached soft copy to your respective members/networks.

Final reservation for tents is on June 4, 2008. Cost of rent for one tent (6m x 3m) with 2 tables and five chairs is KW52,000.00 which should be paid on or before 06 June 2008. Please contact WelOf Pat for this purpose. There will be an award for the best dressed booth. Attached is a list of organizations that have reserved/paid for tents.

Everyone is encouraged to come in Filipiniana attire, or outfit that is appropriate to the occasion. A best in attire group will be chosen as well.

Food donations are very much welcome. Please coordinate with WelOf Pat. Attached is a list of organizations with donations.

You are encouraged to invite your employers, or Korean friends/network who have been helpful to Filipinos. Kindly send us ASAP their names, company/organization, fax, landline/CP nos. and email add.

See you in our final coordination meeting on 06 June 2008, 4:00pm at the Embassy.

Labor Attache
Coordinator, June 8 event
United CBO all over Korea!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Tie for the BEST In UNIFORM Award

MABUDA and Buguias Teams bagged the Best in Uniform Award as judged by Labor Attache Delmer Cruz and Alfa Villacorte.

Fr. Choi, as supportive as he can be, donated the 5 NCAA basket balls.

United CBO in Korea!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Am I i-Fontok?

Many times I have been asked, taga-saan ka sa atin? I would automatically say from Barlig.

Asan iyon? Two hours away from Bontoc.

Ano iyon? Eh di capital ng Mountain Province.

Ah sa Benguet! ... (susme naman!) taga-Baguio City nga lang ako!

Oo maganda doon... (hay naku po!) of course naman, Summer Capital of the Philippines eh!

(nakakatawa ba ang conversation?... pinagtripan ko isuot ang uniform nila kanina... join naman agad si Sanley Lim. Send me your pics din para ilagay ko dito sa blog with matching captions ha?)

CBO Basketball Tournament 2008

Today is supposed to be the opening of the CBO Basketball Tournament 2008. However, the rain confined the group within the Majangdong High School Corridors. The referees instead discussed the rules and regulations to be imposed and 'drawed lots' the sequence of the game.

This year's participating teams are Mabuda, Bontoc, FBI, Bugias, Kabayan, Otucan, Sabangan, Camp 6, Data, Guinzadan and Bayabas. What happened to the Tadian Team, the Defending Champion? They back-out! Oh why, oh why? ... you don't like to relinguish the trophy or afraid that the speculations that by your winning last year is just a TSAMBA? hehehehe, joke joke joke...

The referees are members of BAP (Basketball Association of the Philippines) namely Gilbert, Dante Bor-as and Jay Panaga. Marshall Martinez will man the table.

The presence of Fr. Peter Choi is highly appreciated. Also present is his staff Choi Woong Jae who has already adopted an igorot name, Banglayan. Fr. Choi will be donating 5 NCAA basketballs next Sunday, the opening of the tournament.

Thanks Fr. Choi!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

CBO Performs at Arirang Int'l. Migrants Festival

The just concluded 2008 Migrants' Arirang Festival last Sunday was a booming success. This event was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and hosted by the Multicultural Open Society Inc. "It's main purpose is to help migrant workers and marriage immigrants in Korea better harmonize with Koreans and Korean Society."

CBO have gone further in promoting our cherished Igorot dances such Balambang, Takik, Pattong and Handkerchief Dance during the Festival. Our grateful appreciation goes to Fr. Peter Choi of Yongsan Shalom House for Migrants for his unwavering support to the oraganization. The success of the participation of CBO was through the coordinated efforts of Ms. Brenda Bryan, Anthony P. and some CBO officers and members.

Arirang TV asked the CBO Adviser how does she feel coming to this festival. "I'm very happy. To be a part of this international festival is pride in itself. We Cordillerans, although we belong to the minority group in the Philippines are proud to show the world our ethnic dances. We are here to promote brotherhood and peace. God bless Korea!"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hardy Caligtan's San Wanes Ko Album

SAN WANES KO by Hardy Caligtan is now available in Korea! Get your CD copies now at a very minimal price!!

All songs in this album are originally composed and written by Hardy. This album is dedicated to all igorots scattered abroad...
1. San Baro
2. San Wanes Ko
3. I Love You ... pay laeng
4. Igorota Me
5. Ay! Aye
6. San Layad Ko Ken Sik-a
7. Torogi Ak
8. Tanging Ikaw
9. Adik Malinglingan
10. Nu Koma Mabalin
11. Laylaydek Sik-a
12. Igorot Tako

Please email hardycaligtan@yahoo.com for more info.

(maiyaw-awan di homesickness ya problema mu! I've played the album 3x and it's really great!)

Proposed Jobfair in Baguio City

There is a proposal that CBO in partnership with Sandigan Club will conduct a Jobfair at the Baguio City Hall this coming July. Included also are Medical/Dental Missions and Trainings for jobs abroad.

In this regard, we are distributing survey forms for you to fill-up. We need this to know who are your beneficiaries and their contact numbers in order for them to avail of this rare opportunity.

For more info contact grace 010-5840-7707.

Invitation to Attend the Financial Literacy Seminar by Labor Attache Delmer Cruz

In celebration of Labor Day 2008, POLO will conduct a Seminar on Financial Literacy. The training aims to promote savings consciousness among OFWs working in South Korea.

In this regard may we invite you and/or your representatives to attend the said seminar on May 4, 2008, Sunday, at 2:00PM to be held at the Ground flr. of the Philippine Embassy, Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Please confirm your attendance by replying thru this email or call our Office at tel. no. 0237853634/0237853635.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

Labor Attache


Welfare Officer--
Atty. Delmer R.Cruz
Labor Attache
Philippine Overseas Labor Office
Embassy of the Republic of the PhilippinesJinsong
Bldg., 34-4, Itaewon1-dong, Yongsan-Ku
Seoul 140-201 Korea
(82)2 3785-3634 to 35010-4573-6290

Joint Independence Day and Migrant Workers Day Celebration

The CBO will be performing during the Joint Independence Day and Migrant Workers Day Celebration on June 8, 2008, 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the Han Gang Park, Seoul, Korea. In addition to this, the CBO was tasked to help make invitations.
There are 13 Filippino organizations participating in the cultural presentations. Also, a live Filipino Band will showcase their talents. And at least one famous artist from the Philippines will be invited. Name?.... suspense!

The program of the event was discussed last Saturday, April 19, 2008 at the Philippine Embassy (1st Floor) at 5:00PM. Below is a draft programme:

10:00 - 10:45 .................................Religious Services (per Faith)
10:45 -11:00 ................................... Parade (per Community)
11:45 - 12:00 NN ........................... Entrance of Colors and National Anthem
12:00 - 12:30 ................................. Reading of Messages
12:30 -4:00 P.M. ........................... Lunch, Performances, Raffle

Note: Punta tayong lahat para mas exciting! Please keep in touch with the CBO Officers for updates of our responsibilities and participation in the event.

CBO attends Trainors Training

A Trainors Training on Korean Labor Law and basic Immigration Law was held on April 13 and 20, 2008 (two Sundays) from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The said training, arranged by the Philippine Embassy thru POLO, was facilitated by the Korean Labor Education Institute (KLEI) and conducted at the KLEI training center in Kang Nam, Seoul.

All participants who completed the training were given Certificates of Completion at the end of the activity.

On photo are Pres. Basan, Adviser Grace and Lilia with Elizer Peneranda (Chief Editor of Sulyapinoy).

The CBO Joint Basketball Championship Games and Cultural Dance Competition 2008

Basketball Tournament MVP & MYTICAL FIVE's 2008

CBO Awards 2008

CBO Performs at the 110th Independence Day Celebration

True Blooded Cordillerans Almost Conquered the Kingdom

Our CBO candidate (Chris Longey) for the Search for King and Queen of Filipino Migrants in Korea which was held at the Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon, Seoul, October 14, 2007 almost made it to the top.

Visit (
http://www.visminorg.blogspot.com/) for more info about Chris and Charlie. They may not have had conquered the Kingdom of Seoul but had shown to the world that they have the talents, the looks and the charisma as Ambassadors of the Cordilleras in Korea!

Chris: 2nd Runner-Up and Darling of the Crowd

Charlie: 1st Runner-Up, Mr. Internet, Best in Talent and Casual Wear

Thanks to everybody who in their own special ways have inspired and supported the organization in bringing the best of our bests. Kudos!

Matagu-tagu taku am-in!!

Chris and Charlie w/ Kenjie

Chris and Charlie w/ Kenjie
The Pride of the Cordilleras (more pics this week, promise!)

The Darling of the Crowd

The Darling of the Crowd
CHRIS and Jenny with Ambassador Susan Castrense and Labor Attache Delmer Cruz

CBO Candidate for the Search for King and Queen of Filipino Migrants in Korea 2007

MVP, Mytical Five and Others

CBO Basketball Tournament 2007

CBO Attends Int'l. Migrants Day Celebration June 3, 2007

Igorots in Korea through Arirang Video


Igorota Song

Help us promote this Song. Super ganda ang lyrics and the melody, nahohomesick tuloy ako! Atlast the song is finally uploaded sa youtube. Most people from Kias know this song way back 1990's because this song was introduced by DAnny Tawanna who was the composer. Jun was so lucky that Danny gave him all his compositions to record. Danny is likewise lucky to have Jun record his songs. For everybody's info Danny suffered from a stroke and is now living in Nueva Viscaya. Just don't know if Jun pushed his plan of having Danny in his audience when he launched this album. (rainne68)