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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ambassador Cruz Invitation to Watch La Vida Rosa in Myeongdong

Embassy of the Philippines
Seoul, Korea

Mga Kababayan ko sa Timog Korea,

In line with the 2nd Chungmuro International Film Festival, I would like to invite you to support and watch the feature film “La Vida Rosa” by Director Chito S. Rono, the lone Philippine entry to the Film Festival.

“La Vida Rosa” is scheduled to be screened on 04 September, Thursday, 5:00 p.m. at Cinus Myeongdong.

For more information on the festival, please visit www.chiffs.kr.

Sincerely yours,

(sgd) LUIS T. CRUZ

United CBO all over Korea!

FBCFI Evangelistic Concert and Presentation of Filipino Cultural Dances


A summer greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The church of the Free Believers In Christ Fellowship International-Korea will hold its first anniversary celebration with the details below:

The Event: An Evangelistic Concert with the presentation of Filipino Cultural Dances
Date : September 07, 2008
Venue : National Red Cross in Majangdong
(20 meters away from Majang Sijang toward Homeplus Dept. Store)
Time : 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM (with lunch)

We would like to invite you and your group to join us on the celebration. We are please to inform you if you can present any cultural dance or at least one kind of dance approbate per group.

Thank you very much and the good Lord bless you all.

Very truly yours,

(sgd) Pator Benny Balawis Jr.
Free Believers in Christ Fellowship International (FBCFI)
HP 070-8153-7347

United CBO all over Korea!

Wendell for Mr. Kalinangang Filipino 2008

He got the looks, charm and talent! But why is Wendell evading my calls?

Sige nga at ng mai-post dito sa blog at sakaling lilitaw siya at sumali sa Search for Ginoo at Binibining Kalinangang Filipino 2008.

This search is organized by the Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community and to be held on October 19, 2008 at the Dongsong High School Auditorium.

United CBO all over Korea!

New Shalom Migrants Center

Let's keep our fingers crossed and pray that this building will house the Shalom Migrants Center which is presently in Namyeong. I will not devulge this early where it is located although you can find it on www.onfino.com or ask CBO Pres. Basan or Fr. Choi. Clever me?

United CBO all over Korea!

Pres. Basan Trip to the Embassy

All smiles... the smiles that inspire and encourage OFWs in Korea not to shy away from the Philippine Embassy.

CBO President Basan sandwiched by Labor Attache Delmer Cruz, Ambassador Luis Cruz and Welfare Officer Pat Cobarrubias.

Ask me why Basan went there... in the comments section... hehehe

United CBO all over Korea!

Bontoc Organization On the Go

The Ifontoks here were busy preparing the raffle tickets to be drawn. They were so patient and deligent to roll thousands of tickets and puting them inside a straw one by one! I dunno how they manage that ... we waited for quite a long time for them to finish. But it's good because the other people had the chance to tete-tete with one another while I took a nap with delicious foods and drinks on the table!

The result of the raffle draw will be posted here very soon. Paging Bontoc Organization President JOHN WAYNE...

United CBO all over Korea!

Look! Onfino's Making Waves

Hello Everyone!

How are you doing these days? It’s quite sometime that onfino admin has sent you messages. We hope and pray that you’re all fine with the Lord’s blessing in abundance.

Be pleased to know that at Onfino Online, there are lots of topics to read and learn from. Our Free Board is attracting several writers who interact with their postings and comments respectively. The Photo Gallery is also picking up. Many are uploading their pictures for you to see and recognized. And how about the various Announcements, Counseling, Buy and Sell, Webzine which is uploaded regularly, and soon the Fund Raising Sections? Everything now at Onfino Online is going overboard.

And yes, we have some promos soon to come. So why not keep posted? Visit, Register and Participate at www.onfino.com. Who knows you’ll be luckier this time and bag some prizes at stake.

Further at Onfino Online, we have the cheapest airline tickets just for you. Just give us a ring 02-2079-2214 and know what’s in store. There are extra bonuses as super discounts especially with Philippine Airlines.

Don’t forget… only at Onfino Online does all things become better and better! Join us now!!
United CBO all over Korea!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CBO Chusok Program

September 13, 2008

CBO Championship Games
11:00 am - 3:00 pm Majangdong
High School Basketball Court

CBO Cultural Dance Competition
4 :00 pm - 8 :00 pm Majangdong RED Cross Building

1. Invocation
2. National Anthem
3. Opening Remarks
4. Surprise Number
5. Introduction of Judges and Criteria for Judging
7. Inspirational Talk
9. Intermission Number
10. MESSAGE by Guest Speaker
11. Raffle Draw
12. Intermission Number
13. Awarding of Trophies to Basketball Tournament Winners
14. Raffle Draw
15. Awarding of Trophies/Certificates to Cultural Dance Winners
16. Closing Remarks

PART III song dance song dance song dance

NB: This Cultural Dance Competition is being held in preparation for the GANGNAM DANCE FESTIVAL on October 2008 and for the promotion of our Cordillera Ethnic Dances to the world!

Everybody is invited !!!

United CBO all over Korea!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Help Needed for Bruno Degawan

Hi Everyone!

Here’s an update with Bruno:

It’s good Lynette chatted with me this morning. Somehow I got hold of Roland Bosaing, President of the Sagada Migrant Workers Association (SMWA), who knows the what abouts of Bruno.

Bruno is presently comatose at St. Mary’s Hospital, Uijungbu, north of Seoul. It takes about 2 hours by train from Seoul to Uijungbu. There are many Cordillerans in this area.

Fr. Cho Hee In of the Uijungbu Catholic Migrant Workers Center is taking charge. Lynette is right about the tulong-tulong from the churches here. We had encoutered several cases na kasi. We personally know Fr. Peter Choi of Anglican’s Shallom Migrants Center in Seoul. He’s very supportive with CBO and in fact meron atang outreach program in Besao. He will be informed about Bruno.

We already coordinated the case to OWWA Officer Pat Cobarrubias, former OWWA OIC in La Union and Region 3. She likewise made endorsement to Consul Belo of ATN (Assistance to Nationals). We were assured that they’re going to visit Bruno next week.

I advised Roland to coordinate with CBO too.

So that’s the latest til Sunday again! I’m not a good reporter kaya pasensiya. I will post this at www.cbo-korea.blogspot .com

Cordilove reporting directly from Seoul, Korea!

(note: Robert 'Bruno' Degawan,60, from Sagada, Mountain Province. He suffered stroke July 27, 2008 and now at St. Mary's Hospital.

The above message was an offshoot of bibaknets@yahoogroups.com

For more information and donations please contact Roland Bosaing at 010-6870-4168)

United CBO all over Korea!

The CBO Joint Basketball Championship Games and Cultural Dance Competition 2008

Basketball Tournament MVP & MYTICAL FIVE's 2008

CBO Awards 2008

CBO Performs at the 110th Independence Day Celebration

True Blooded Cordillerans Almost Conquered the Kingdom

Our CBO candidate (Chris Longey) for the Search for King and Queen of Filipino Migrants in Korea which was held at the Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon, Seoul, October 14, 2007 almost made it to the top.

Visit (
http://www.visminorg.blogspot.com/) for more info about Chris and Charlie. They may not have had conquered the Kingdom of Seoul but had shown to the world that they have the talents, the looks and the charisma as Ambassadors of the Cordilleras in Korea!

Chris: 2nd Runner-Up and Darling of the Crowd

Charlie: 1st Runner-Up, Mr. Internet, Best in Talent and Casual Wear

Thanks to everybody who in their own special ways have inspired and supported the organization in bringing the best of our bests. Kudos!

Matagu-tagu taku am-in!!

Chris and Charlie w/ Kenjie

Chris and Charlie w/ Kenjie
The Pride of the Cordilleras (more pics this week, promise!)

The Darling of the Crowd

The Darling of the Crowd
CHRIS and Jenny with Ambassador Susan Castrense and Labor Attache Delmer Cruz

CBO Candidate for the Search for King and Queen of Filipino Migrants in Korea 2007

MVP, Mytical Five and Others

CBO Basketball Tournament 2007

CBO Attends Int'l. Migrants Day Celebration June 3, 2007

Igorots in Korea through Arirang Video


Igorota Song

Help us promote this Song. Super ganda ang lyrics and the melody, nahohomesick tuloy ako! Atlast the song is finally uploaded sa youtube. Most people from Kias know this song way back 1990's because this song was introduced by DAnny Tawanna who was the composer. Jun was so lucky that Danny gave him all his compositions to record. Danny is likewise lucky to have Jun record his songs. For everybody's info Danny suffered from a stroke and is now living in Nueva Viscaya. Just don't know if Jun pushed his plan of having Danny in his audience when he launched this album. (rainne68)